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Regency Stone is committed to sourcing or importing the perfect product for any hard finish application. Our progressive range includes tiles for floor and wall, feature panels, exterior cladding and splashback options in porcelain, ceramic, stone, glass and mosaic.

We are able to supply large and small quantities for any budget or time frame. Our combined ability to provide stone and tile products to you will provide a conclusive range at a cost suitable to the project. Contact our staff to arrange an appointment with our in-house interior designer to help you out will all your requests.

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The clay used to produce porcelain tiles is more refined than that used in ceramic. The dry materials are mixed with water and fired at high temperatures and pressures leaving a dense final product that is less porous than ceramic. Porcelain tiles are therefore less prone to water absorption, more resistant to chips and cracking and therefore more durable and resistant to damage. Options to be purchased in glazed, unglazed or polished in varieties.

Type 1: Through-Bodied Porcelain:
The tile is consistent in composition throughout the body of the tile. The colour and texture runs through the entire dimensional thickness of the tile.


Strong & Dense Tile

Freeze/Thaw stable for exterior use

Superior scratch & chip resistant

Similar colour throughout if chip occurs

Material should be sealed

Type 2: Glazed Porcelain:
Glass wear layer or hard finish (usually collared) applied to the surface of machine made clay tiles.


Strong & Dense Tile

Freeze/Thaw stable for exterior use

Superior Stain Resistant

Many choices in colour and style

Only seal if glazed has been polished



Two types of ceramic tile: Cotto Forte and Monocottura relating to the manufacturing process in which they are made.

Cotto Forte –
manufactured from strong red clays and are pressed and fired. The tiles are then given the glaze and fired again

Monocottura Tile –
Fired only once but at a temperature of above 1200 degrees fusing the tile body and the glaze. Therefore has a much lower porosity value and no longer requires the extra firing necessary in Cotto Forte tile.



Why not create something unique with Regency Stone rather than standard splashbacks. We offer a range from mosaic, subway, large tiles to sheets offering an exclusive design element to your project. The full range can be viewed in our showroom



With more styles, colours and materials to choose from than ever before, mosaic tile patterns are making a comeback for bathroom floors, walls, splashbacks, external features, pools and many more areas only limited by your imagination. The designs will help you create a scheme that complements any style from Retro to Modern and everything in between.



The beauty of natural stone tiles will last a life time and immediately add value to your project. Many options to be considered when selecting natural stone:

Type of Stone: Granite, Marble, Limestone, Travertine and Onyx
Finish Required: Polished, Hones, Acid washed, Sand blasted, Exfoliated
Size format: Ranging from mosaic to large formats incl. 1200mmx600mm
Suitability for product application: Will it require sealing? What elements will it be exposed to?



Laminam is suitable for both interior and exterior applications and is the world’s thinnest porcelain tile available. With the reduced thickness and large size, Laminam is also very high resistance to mechanical stresses, chemicals, wear, scratches, deep abrasions and bending.

Use for: Kitchen, Bathroom, splashbacks

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Regency Stone specializes in providing high quality, desirable and timeless creations using only A-Grade Natural, Engineered & Porcelain Stone. Our excellence and detail in workmanship and service puts Regency Stone above and beyond the industry standard.

For beautiful custom designed products to fulfill your needs, contact us today or come visit our showroom to view our wide selection on display