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Engineered Stone


Engineered Stone

Engineered Stone is one of the most environmentally friendly materials for home use, and has been designed to offer high performance with low maintenance.

The unique characteristics are due to its composition of up to 95% natural quartz or marble, blended with coloured resin that acts as a binding agent. Engineered Stone is highly stain, scratch and heat resistant; however it is not stain, scratch, or heat proof. Therefore, following the correct care and maintenance guidelines will ensure that your engineered stone top will retain its good qualities for a long time.
With its very low absorption rate provides maximum resistance to staining, therefore is an ideal material, that is hygienic and bacteria free, suitable for use in kitchens and public areas where hygiene is a must. Most Engineered Stone’s have been certified as food safe products.
PLEASE NOTE: Nominal Slab size is the raw edge slab size provided by our suppliers and not the actual working size of the slab. We need to take into consideration the blade width and cutting of edges which will therefore reduce the nominal slab size. Please contact the office for more information on working sizes if required.

Due to continuous updates of colour selections from our engineered stone supplier’s, we have provided external links to each individual’s website where you can view the most up to date colour brochures.

Alternatively visit our showroom to view our extensive range of samples.

Engineered Stone Suppliers:

Quantum Quartz Engineered Stone
Smartstone Engineered Stone
Essastone Engineered Stone
Trendstone Engineered Stone
Caesarstone Engineered Stone
Silestone Engineered Stone


Regency Stone specializes in providing high quality, desirable and timeless creations using only A-Grade Natural, Engineered & Porcelain Stone. Our excellence and detail in workmanship and service puts Regency Stone above and beyond the industry standard.

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