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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Granite and Marble Bench Tops


Frequently asked questions about our granite and marble bench tops. To See an answer. Simply select the question below.

Q: What is the best way to clean my bench top?
A: General cleaning process using soft cloth, warm water and never an abrasive cloth or scrubber. See the Maintenance and Care information for specific information but general cleaning can be done
Q. Why use Engineered Stone?
A. If you are looking for a more consistent appearance for you product, engineered stone would be the best option. With containing almost nil porosity it is resistant to chips, scratches and stains giving an added hygiene factor when used in a kitchen project.
Q: Why use Natural Stone?
A: Natural stone adds value, provides a durable hard surface finish, is low maintenance and is unique in character as every stone is different making each project individual. It is commonly used for commercial buildings as well as homes, as people discover its uniqueness, cost effectiveness and versatility. Use of natural stone products is extremely environmentally friendly compared to many other man made products (eg. concrete and other resin based) as it is non toxic, recyclable and has a low life cycle cost.
Q. Is it necessary to seal stone bench tops?
A. Marble or stone products need to be protected to keep their natural beauty. It is a must to seal your bench tops to ensure longevity and prevent scratching, etching, staining or absorption of liquids. Professional sealing can last up to 15 years and with general maintenance will leave your bench top in amazing condition. Engineered Stone will already be supplied with sealing however the natural stone will be sealed once before cutting and for a second time after.
Q: Does Regency Stone include warranty?
A: Regency Stone offers a 1 year workmanship warranty if any joins result in splits. Individual engineered stone Suppliers all offer their own warranty ranging between 1-25 years for their A Grade Stones as they have been tested and approved by Australian standards. Together with a licensed installer you can be assured that your bench tops will last because they have been installed correctly and within the manufacturer’s guidelines.
Q: What is the difference between engineered and natural stone?
A: Natural stone is exactly that, naturally forming stone that has existed for thousands of years and quarried all across the world. On the other hand, engineered stone is a manmade product introduced into the market in the late 1980s as the demand grew for the consistency in the appearance of finished product.


Regency Stone specializes in providing high quality, desirable and timeless creations using only A-Grade Natural, Engineered & Porcelain Stone. Our excellence and detail in workmanship and service puts Regency Stone above and beyond the industry standard.

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