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Dekton Sintered Porcelain


Dekton Sintered Porcelain

The revolutionary product Dekton Sintered Porcelain imagines a new concept in the world of design and architecture. Made by sophisticated raw materials used in the glass, porcelanic and quartz surfaces production, Dekton is a material with unique characteristics and infinite application possibilities such as worktops, flooring, cladding, facades for both inside and outdoors.

Dekton Sintered Porcelain
Dekton Sintered Porcelain
Dekton Sintered Porcelain
Technical features:
  • High UV Resistance – Will not fade or degrade over time making it perfect for both indoor and outdoor applications
  • Highly Scratch Resistant
  • Resistant to Stains – Dekton has extremely low porosity and contains no resins, it is chemical resistant
  • High Resistance to fire and heat – Hot Pots and appliance can be placed directly on the surface with no worry of damage
  • Resistant to Abrasion – Will never need to be re-surfaced or re-finished
  • Resistant to Ice & Thawing – Denton’s low coefficient of thermal expansion makes it thermal shock proof from both extreme heat and extreme cold
  • High Mechanical Resistance
  • Non-porous – Never needs to be sealed, naturally prevents liquids and gasses from penetrating the surface making it a low maintenance surface.
  • Colour Stability – The manufacturing process allows control over the pigmentation and decoration of the material giving better colour consistency from slab to slab and resulting in a long last product that will not fade over time.
  • Resistant to Hydrolysis
  • Non-combustible Material – Withstands high temperatures without burning, scorching or cracking
  • Thickness Available in: 8mm, 12mm and 20mm
  • Nominal Slab size: 3200mm x 1440mm
  • Collections: XGloss Solid, Wild Collection, Solid Collection, Natural Collection, Tech Collection

To view all collections, full colour range and for further information please visit the Dekton website: for most up to date brochures. Alternatively contact us for any queries or to view stone samples in our showroom.


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